Check out the games that you can try during the poker break in pokerclub88. See what are the gambling products preferred by the poker pros from all over the world.

A lot of poker lovers swear they will never give up from their most favorite game. Poker has indeed the power to obsess the players. That is why, by the way, reputable websites like pokerclub88 strictly include the international standards for gambling responsibility in their company’s policy.

Though, we cannot fully agree that a poker player never tries something else in his career. Moreover – we have seen dozens of amazing poker pros who permanently switch to completely different gambling products. Here are the most popular among them:

  1. Video poker games. Of course, it’s so logical to have a break from real money Omaha poker table and spend a couple of hours in playing VR games. Video poker games are, at one hand, similar to poker, and at the other hand, promise some really good profits. The promised high RTP which sometimes reaches the record-breaking 98% is the reason why a lot of regular poker players break up with the card game and marry VR experience for life.
  2. Blackjack. By all means, alongside with poker, Blackjack is the most legendary card game ever. And no matter how different both games are – mainly according to the terms and conditions – we’ve seen a couple of cases when poker players switched to Blackjack. Forever!
  3. Sport betting. To tell you the truth, about 70% of the poker players who permanently quitted poker and moved to another gambling product choose sport bets. It’s tough to determine the top preferred sport discipline as the choice in today’s global bookmakers is big. Mainly, though, ex-poker pros prefer to place bets on classical football section, as well as in cricket and horse racing which are the most profitable sport types in betting nowadays.
  4. Bingo. That might be a big surprise for many of you. But it’s true. Although not so popular, there’s a slight trend among some specific poker players who end up with table games and cards and prefer to play bingo games from now on. By all means, we have one logical and reasonable explanation for such a tendency. Though, we are not sure, but probably it’s the part of poker players who have been always lucky and decided to refocus this luck into simpler gambling products such as the bingo game.

It would be very interesting for us to guess what might be your game to choose if you want to deal with the poker once and for all. Or maybe, you haven’t reached that level of full satisfaction from poker and you need more. Well, we totally understand you. Poker offers so much fun and pleasure, no doubts. Hence, if you ever want to end with poker, now you have some good ideas what to change it with.