Now do not be ashamed if this is a question you are asking yourself. Let’s be honest that is why you are here reading this right now. In the 21st century or let’s call it the age of Generation Z bets are made on almost anything and everything people come across. So what exactly makes this special? Well, for starters, sports betting has been in the business since the late 1990s! Wow! Now imagine how much this activity has evolved in the last 29 years. What was first only a phone call has now turned into a worldwide activity, not just online but offline as well.

How Sports Betting Came Into Practice

Most people around the world enjoy watching a match, or a game and usually celebrate the winning or mourn over the defeat of the team they support or love. But others, go one more step forward to further expand the horizons to which they could enjoy a sport better. That is where betting on the outcome of sports began! They began to bet on a team to win or lose, and once they have done so, they wait and wait eagerly, sometimes even raising the stakes (in this case betting more money) on the belief that they will win it all back including the earnings of people who bet the opposite.

It helps these people find more joy in a sport when they make it out to be a competition for themselves. Let’s face it, people who don’t or can’t play the sport, try to find joy in other things, and for this example, it is to place bets! These bets are placed through people who are called bookmakers also called bookies. These bookies exist both online and offline and it is important to find the right one and the one you can trust your money with.

Differences between online and offline sports betting

The major difference between the two would be the bookie you find either online or one you would find locally. When it comes to betting with money there are quite a number of scammers that take your money and so it is quite important that you do proper research before trusting any man on the internet claiming to be the best bookie there is.

Betting takes a lot of research and time as different bookies have different ways in which they will receive bets and allow you to place bets. This they usually share once you get in touch with them. There are both pros and cons to both online and offline betting. Whichever suits your fancy should be the one you go for!

Why is sports betting a sport?

Well for the foremost reason, it is for  the fun and probably just for the sake of doing it to win. But apart from this, there is a reason of wanting profit whilst betting.

The certain part of the betting population that bet on sports for just the profit are the ones you will see have all the necessary statistics done to make sure that they not only with their money back but they also get a sum of profit from it.