Check details about USFL (United States Football League), which will help people to know what it is, when, and how it is played along with the 8 teams in the new USFL.

Are you a big fan of Football? If it is, you can’t wait for April 16 as USFL – United States Football League will begin on that day. A lot of football leagues people often watch on the television set, but USFL is something hilarious and must watch by all football fans. 

This new spring football league is back with all new excitements, and this season it is expected to have more exposure and aim to expand the game. It will be the 3rd time in the last four years. Hence, the league will be called the best alternative style to the NFL and will be played to entertain all diehard football fans. Don’t forget to check out the recommended website here for online sports betting Malaysia and grab amazing deals on USFL betting.

What Is the USFL?

USFL – United States Football League is a kind of newest league, and there is no interrelated connection between the new entity and the source of its name. As the original United States Football League was operated for three years, from 1983 to 1986, it was officially dissolved in 1990. Brian Woods is the owner of this new league and has also launched other leagues, including- The Fall Experimental Football League and The Spring League, earlier. Additionally, it has got 8 franchises in the original USFL. 

USFL 2022

April 2022 will be an exciting month for all football fans as the opening ceremony 2022 season will be played on April 16, 2022, in Birmingham, Alabama. They have the old USFL trademarks, and it won’t be related a bit even to the original. It will be 4th try to begin a league with a similar name and identity after a few or more efforts in 1945 and 2010. The upcoming league will compromise 8 teams divided into 2 divisions, and each one will be playing 10 regular-season games. On June 25, the top 2 teams from each division will meet in the semifinals, and the winner of the league will be decided on July 03. 

What Are the USFL 2022 Teams?

From the North USFL team- the Michigan Panthers, Philadelphia Stars, Pittsburgh Maulers, and New Jersey Generals are playing together. From the South Division – the Houston Gamblers, Birmingham Stallions, Tampa Bay Bandits, and New Orleans Breakers have made up a team to win the league. 

What Are the Game Times?

Games times have not been scheduled yet, and they will be announced soon as well as the tickets will be on sale that can easily get purchased directly through Ticketmaster, or one can visit or The ticket prices are- $10 for adults, and no tickets will be for kids under 15.