Even after the ban on gambling and lottery, there are a lot of casinos who have secretly started this service. The most popular and the first legal casino was Ayutthaya which was built by the government. They created this casino in the late 17th century because the population of Chinese people is increasing very fast in Thailand.

As a result of it, the market of gambling increased very quickly in the late 19th century. For their profit from casinos, the government of Thailand ignored the illegal gambling issue.

But this move of the government affected themselves very badly. Because the ignorance of the government allowed high gambling in Thailand which affects the Siamese because they are also busy in gambling. So the government of Thailand decided to ban it completely so they passed a rule in 1930 which states the complete ban in Thailand.

After banning gambling games in Thailand, people started investing their money in lottery. The lottery system in Thailand was started in 1820.


After the casino’s lottery is another game that was most loved in Thailand. This magical game was introduced in 1820. The local name of the game is Huay. The Huay is a very popular game between the Chinese community. This game got the popularity in the rule of Lord Rama III. Also for some time this also becomes the main source of Thailand’s income.

For the taxation of the lottery. In this action, the government got a high profit from taxes. The amount that the government earned from it is thirty-eight million dollars. Because the government charge about 40 percent of the money as tax and give remaining sixty percent to the player.


Gambling in casinos and lottery are the two main most criticizing topics of Thailand. But the fact about them is after so much criticism they get equal popularity between people.