Find out about the biggest myths in gambling related to games like Dominoqq, bookmakers, sport betting and regulations. Make sure to debunk them right away in order to free your mind from statements that might interrupt your winning strategy.

Do you know what Dominoqq is? Are you aware of the way sports betting websites win money? How well do you know the sphere of where you get your money for living – the gambling sphere?

You might think you know everything that’s going on in casino sphere, but we have recently understood that there are still some myths going around the online audience which is keen on sport bets and games. In this material we would like to debunk some of the top online gambling myths that you might still believe in. Here there are:

  1. All casinos in the internet are scams and they lie. How come? Just because you lose some money you cannot blame the bookmaker or the gambling house. Moreover – today’s big casino providers are all licensed and regulated, which means you cannot call them words like scam and fraud makers.
  2. It’s all about luck and winning has nothing to do with skills or knowledge. There’s no such a thing. First of all, there are games where thinking is the only way you can earn from gambling – like jackpot games with sport bets or poker. Second of all, there are games where even if luck is the top important thing, you should still build up a strategy to follow (like frequency of spins per day) in order to make it profitable for you.
  3. Dominoqq is a traditional domino. Dominoqq is an Indonesian gambling product, which do refers to domino, but not at a full value. As a matter of fact, this is a game that mixtures the rules of the traditional poker game with those from the old, but gold domino.
  4. You must be a sports player to fully understand a sport discipline in order to place winning sport bets. There’s no such a thing. If you are keen on a specific sport type and you know nothing about it, it will take you a month to learn its basic rules, watch some events and build up a profitable strategy to start earning money from it.
  5. Bonuses are the most important factors that should be taken under consideration when selecting whether a bookmaker, or a casino room in the internet. Imagine this situation and you will figure it out how risky for your activity this myth is: you find a place where you can play some poker with huge welcome bonus, but the payment method doesn’t suit you and you are not sure if this is a legal poker provider. Would you still get the high bonus and gamble on this platform? Of course, no!