Roulette is a game full of chances while poker is a game full of skills and strategy. Poker doesn’t depend on your luck but depends on the skills and strategy and full of wise decisions. Poker is the game of the card where many variants are available. Whereas roulette is a game where the wheel is rotated which has painted pockets in the color of red and black.

Poker has its roots in the US whereas the roulette has its origin in France. Even the roulette is named after the French word which little wheels. As said earlier poker is a game of skill as a bad hand can also lend you to success if you use your skills wisely. But if we talk about the roulette then choosing the bet on the correct number and color can only lend you success.

Odds in the Short Run: 

It is believed that odds of roulette are more compared to the game of poker. To calculate the odds of doubling the money in-game is more in poker compared to that of roulette.  Doubling money in the game of gamble is a huge and complicated task. Hence odd in the short run is more in the game of poker compared to roulette.

Odds in the Long Run:

In the long run, you will be able to develop a skill for the game of poker. But roulette is a game of chances is depends on your luck even after following some of the strategies. While compared to the short-run poker has lesser odd in the poker compared to that of the roulette. Hence long run poker skills can be developed.

Ease of Overall Gameplay:

Roulette needs to select the color or the number or the small range or sequence to play.  Spinning the wheel doesn’t require skill to play the game while to play poker skill and strategy is more important. Hence roulette is more easily compared to that of the poker. Hence the rare people visiting casinos should prefer roulette if they don’t know how to play poker. Because there will be more chances to win the roulette compared to that of the poker.


Hence the analysis of the above-mentioned points says that roulette should be preferred more compared to that of the poker because of the less complexity and easy approach. People often love roulette more compared to poker but if you know poker than you should try it to bet in it.