So you want to get better at poker do you? One of the greatest starting points to outplay anybody else is to learn some basic betting strategies so you can get an edge on the competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with poker, betting is just whatever amount of chips you put into the betting pot before the start of a poker round. You can use betting strategies to put pressure on your opponents and win hands before the poker game gets into the later rounds, where you may be caught out.

Table Image

The way you bet plays a huge role in how other people will react to your plays. If you bet high repeatedly on bad hands, then people are more likely to call your bet or raise the stakes. This can leave you out of pocket if people catch on or can make you unpredictable. It just depends on your winning streak. Table image can be a bit harder to judge when using casino online, since you can’t see physical tells.

If you fold frequently, people will probably bet into you more often. This could potentially work to your advantage if you have a strong hand. However, if you have a weak hand, you’ll be put in a position where you’ll have to make lots of important decisions in rapid succession. If you play like this, people will be more cautious when you raise your bet, but in return, you won’t be able to build up a large pot as players will fold more with your raises.


One of the golden rules of betting in poker is that you don’t want to appear weak; a great place to start is mukacasino. In later poker rounds, players tend to reduce their bets. If you’re not willing to bet whatever your highest was in your previous round, you’re just best off checking otherwise, you can be caught in a trap. 

Making defensive bets to stop other players from raising is a bad idea as it is usually seen through pretty easily. We’d recommend against defensive bets.


Relying on the best cards to win all the time just isn’t a viable strategy. It can obviously be harder online to tell if somebody is weak. You have to determine if their hand is strong or weak based on their plays, you’ll find all kinds of great players of varying skill levels on You also need to learn how to be able to bluff, if you can convincingly bluff it is a great way to fool opposition players into folding. 


If you can learn and come to grips with your table image, checking, and bluffing, then you will already be ahead of the competition since many players at a basic poker skill level don’t know a great deal about these tips and tricks. Although these strategies may seem complicated at first, we promise they will start showing results the more you practice.