Slot lovers should be familiar with slot machines related terminologies like a fruit machine, volatility, multiplier, and more. This guide is designed for making you acquainted with all the important ones out there.

You know that slot is the most comfortable online gambling option and won only by sheer luck. You don’t need to expert on hard skills and knowledge for playing. Hence, many online gamblers around the world are getting attracted to it day by day. However, for stretching your winning chances as much as possible, you should gather as much information as you can. And, these slot machine terminologies are the important ones.

Return to Player or RTP

RTP is a percentage of gambler’s wagered money on a slot machine that the slot pays back over time. The RTP is calculated by measuring the gaming outcomes for an extended period. Hence, you should not expect that you will win after every two or three spins, since it is entirely dependable on your luck. It would be best if you always chose a slot with over 95% RTP.


Volatility is another term for a variance that denotes the risk level of a slot machine. Playing high volatility slots means you will have a lesser opportunity of winning than the chances of losing. But, generally, slots with high volatility encompass massive payout ability. Hence, players looking for a high winning amount can try slots like these. On the other hand, for comparably frequent but smaller winnings, you can play low volatile slot machines.

Random Number Generator

Almost every online slot machine is attached with an RNG system or Random Number Generator. Random Number Generator’s only responsibility is to produce never-ending number combinations randomly to protect the game’s randomness and fairness. Therefore, every spin’s outcomes are entirely different from each other, void of any presumptions or manipulations.

Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most favorite and popular features of the slot machines. Free spins are spins for which you don’t need to put a bet; consequently, you will not face financial losses even if you lose. But, you can win real cash amounts out of it. Besides, in many online slot games, you can find free spins attached with win multipliers. Win multipliers are responsible for multiplying your winnings, making them far more lucrative. For getting advantages from slot machines tangled with galore of free spins, you can visit agen idn slot.

Progressive Jackpot 

As you can assume by the name, in this kind of slot machines, the jackpot amount continues to grow as long as gamblers put bets on it. Generally, progressive jackpot games offer the highest payout amounts. And it has already changed the fortune of many lucky gamblers by providing life-changing winning amounts.

Keeping these essential words and phrases in mind, you can have a proper idea of the game. And it, in turn, can benefit you while you choose a slot machine while playing. Besides, a fair idea of these terminologies can also make you more effective in your slot playing strategy.