Here are the top popular idnlive slot superstitions. Meet some of the weirdest beliefs regarding wins in slots.

What do you do to increase your luck in daily slot activity? Do you keep your fingers crossed for a bigger income? Do you blow into your paw with a dice hidden between your fingers? Do you take your wife in a ground-based casino or you prefer to add some mystic rituals while you are gambling in the internet through an officially registered idnlive account?

To tell you the truth, if you do any of these things, you are not original at all. As a matter of fact, there are people from all over the world who also love and believe in rituals for luck, including when it comes to more luck in slot machine experience.

In our today’s article we have gathered especially for you some of the best and most curious slot machine superstitions. Do not hesitate to try them all or at least to meet them in details just like that…for fun!

  1. Hot or cold? We don’t ask you how you love your morning coffee. What we want to know if you are aware of one of the most popular superstition about slots, but we are talking about physical slots. Many years ago, when the first slot machines appeared in the pubs, ground-based casinos and even supermarkets, people used to think that the temperature of the coin you insert in the slot machine matters. To some gamblers, if you preheat the coin you will hit the jackpot. There was, though, also a group of enthusiasts who believed in the vice versa version – the colder coin you put in the slot, the more money you will win.
  2. The newer slot machine has a higher payout ratio. We are not familiar with the physical laws and how they might affect your luck in slot machine experience through the trick of temperature manipulation, but we are certain about the fact that the age of the slot has its evidence to affect your outcome. It is definitely logical to consider that the brand new slot machine might be programmed to pay more in the beginning. Just think about how many players a completely new casino software developer will gather at once if increasing the RTP.
  3. The location of the machine might also matters. In an offline casino the slot machines with higher jackpots and that pay more often, are in most cases located at the bottom of the casino room. The logic is clear – the fewer people see it, the smaller the loss for the casino in the end of the night will be. In the online slot machine arrangement the website developers prefer to put the slot title (or banner) also at the bottom of the page for the same reason.

What do you think? Would you believe in these rituals and superstitions about slot machines? You might not lose a lot if you test them!