Want to win big with Toto? Read on. We will help you to start playing the game like you are a pro.

What is Toto?

Toto is a lottery. While Toto games do play differently, they pretty much can all be reduced to “choose your numbers and hope they are drawn”. While Toto is mostly seen as a casual form of gambling, there are a lot of people that will play it professionally. You probably couldn’t make a full time income from it, but you could potentially make some cash.

Choose Your Numbers Wisely

While playing Toto is still a game of luck, there are various ways to choose your numbers. This will make it a little bit easier for you to win. Still not a guarantee, because every number selection has the same chance as other number selections, but there are some patterns that many people notice with the draw:

  • Numbers drawn in the last 7-days have a greater chance of appearing again
  • There will always be a selection of odd and even numbers, so make sure that your numbers are a mixture too.
  • Make sure you choose a selection of both high and low numbers for Toto
  • Adding a pair of consecutive numbers can increase your chances of winning
  • Use a random number generator. It will often provide you with a better spread of numbers.

Buy Multiple Selections

A lot of people that play Toto only buy one or two lines at a time. This is great for a bit of fun, but if you do that, you are not necessarily playing the game as if you were a pro.

If you want to play as a pro, then you will need multiple selections of numbers. We are talking 5-10 lines. Remember; buying 10 lines will give you 10x the opportunity of winning than somebody buying a single line. The more opportunities you have to win, the quicker you will have money flowing in.

Of course, the odds on most Toto games will be 1 in 69 for the smallest prize. This means that even with 10 lines you probably wouldn’t be winning every single week. However, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a win at least a month. Your aim is for the larger prizes anyway, and for that you will need to make a few losses along the way.

Play Different Toto Games

While togel Hongkong is brilliant, if you really want to take your Toto gameplay to the next level, then you will probably want to play Toto games in other countries. This means that you will need to track down a website such as Result Login that will provide you with all of the top Toto games happening around the world. While you may not be able to enter all of them, there will still be a few extra games you can play. There is a reasonable chance that you could be enjoying a Toto draw every single day!