The most evident source of entertainment from the very beginning of the civilization was gambling and cards game. These two sources of entertainment were diversified among all kinds of people, cultures, age, religions and their status. After the influence of the western culture from the effect of colonisation people became more civilized and learned to recreate their resources which proceeded with a lot of mix and match of different communities and religions which was evident on the field of the entertainment too and the mixing of cards and gambling gave rise to a new form of game called “Poker”.

What is Poker or online Poker?

The poker is a card game that is incomplete without gambling, in other words, it can be said that it is gambling using card tricks and skills and with digitalization spreading globally and rapidly the poker is now available in online media too. So the criteria for playing a game of poker online or offline is that one should be skilled in the rules.

Rules for Poker:

In a game of poker one has to make the best combination of five cards out of the given seven cards in which the first two cards known as the hole cards are provided to each player and the rest five cards known as the community cards are revealed one by one. The best combination among the players is given to the player having the highest hand rank. The game moves on clockwise from the position of the dealer and the immediate next position of the dealer is called the small blind and the immediate next position of the small blind is called the big blind.

Difference Between Small Blind And Big Blind In Poker

The small blind and big blind in the table is must bet and the bet amount of the big blind must be double of that of the small blind and the bet amount of the big blind is considered as the minimum bet of the table. Then the rest of the players in the table are allowed to go for their bet, call, all in, or fold. Like this the round continues till the immediate right position of the dealer. After the end of the first round the three community cards are revealed and then after each round one by one the other two community cards are released. Then finally the player having the highest hand rank is declared the winner and the total bet amount on the pot is won.

Day by day poker is getting more popular and now it is one of the most played card games worldwide and the most played game in the casino. So it is a must-try event if one plans to visit a casino and it is also available online, therefore, one can enjoy playing poker relaxing back on their couch too. Indeed online poker is now much more in trend. So, interested people must give it a try.